OGF Documents and Work Spaces

Overview of the Open Grid Forum document collection; how to use OGF's document preparation templates and spaces, and their relation to the OGF public process for document development.


Open Grid Forum documents are prepared according to an open public process. The primary organizational method for current OGF working group, community group, and research group activity is through the OGF organizational pages on GitHub. Final documents are published once complete on the Documents page of the OGF web site.

Any method of preparing a document according to the OGF community process is acceptable. The use of GitBook spaces is also available to encourage collaborative development of community-based documents for submission through this process as decribed below. Use of GitBook is not required, but is intended as a supplement to assist with document preparation workflow.

For additional details on OGF document style including example formatting guidelines, refer to the OGF Document Templates section of this document.

Further information including a full description of the document process and advice intended to help to guide selection from among these categories is contained in GFD.152 (Open Grid Forum Document Process and Requirements) available at: https://www.ogf.org/documents/GFD.152.pdf

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