OGF Document Templates and Tools

To aid the community in preparing documents with elements that have proven to be useful over time and that are consitent with the Open Grid Forum Document Process and Requirements described in GFD.152, the following templates are provided:

Additionally, a zipped archive of OGF presentation templates is available containing examples in several formats for presentation of talks to OGF meetings or on behalf of OGF.

The suggested method for use of OGF GitBook workspaces is to request the OGF Editor to set them up to be synchronized bidirectionally with corresponding repositories the Open Grid Forum organizational pages on GitHub for convenience in addressing document preparation, editing, and discussion steps through GitHub tools such as issues, branching and merging, and pull requests. While GitBook also has its own branching and merge management features, but in general communities may be more familiar with or prefer GitHub document management features for managing and discussing incremental changes.

Use of OGF GitBook spaces is suggested for convenience but not required It is intended as a supplement to assist with document preparation workflow. The final submission of documents for publication in completed form on the OGF web site can also be accomplished with other tools such as those listed above. Once accepted as an OGF document by the Editor and GFSG, the official final version is placed in PDF format on the OGF Documents page of the OGF web site and is considered the definitive version regardless of the method used to prepare it.

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