OGF Intellectual Property Statement and Copyright

The OGF copyright, intellectual property rights statement and associated disclaimer exist to ensure that the output documents produced through the open public process that is used by the OGF community remain available and useful to the community at large and that further work can be developed from published OGF documents with appropriate reference. The purpose of these features is to protect the open contributed nature of the material, and not to limit or otherwise hamper use of these contributions by the community. These policies and procedures have been developed over time from extensive experience, and are similar to those followed by other successful open standards bodies. They also set forward procedures to ensure that the appropriate open public process will be followed to make any changes, updates, errata or alterations to OGF published documents in producing any new versions.

The full statements including a link to the full OGF IPR policy are available at this link and in the templates given below. OGF's Data Protection and Privacy policies are also spelled out at this link for your information.

All use of the OGF document preparation workspaces and associated templates is subject to the OGF copyright, intellectual property rights statement and associated disclaimer, and all documents submitted to OGF for publication must contain the associated OGF IPR statements.

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